Peter Boeijink

Fact based entrepreneurship executed

11:30 – 12:00

Technology innovators can dream about new ideas. To continue, investors will need to understand the technical position, the customer perspective, market demand, the organization, the business case, and the needed investments. In this presentation, the adventure of XYREC – the pioneering robot technology company – will be discussed. What thought process did we follow and which lessons were learned.

Peter Boeijink, BSc and MSc in computer science and artificial intelligence, started his career in IT by joining IBM in 1988. After director and senior vice president positions at several IT companies, in 2007 he became consulting partner involved in aerospace and robotics. He has been leading studies of automation of applying surface technologies and has acquired an intimate knowledge of the aerospace user requirements. Working for Xyrec, he is responsible for the company as CEO and leads the development of disruptive technologies as CTO.

CEO and CTO, Xyrec