Marcel Grooten

Shaping a startup in high tech industry

13:30 – 14:00

Starting a startup in the high tech industry can happen by coincidences in time, innovation or meeting with people with similar ambition. Initiated by a shared vision that market opportunities are or will become present. Based on believe or even proof, that new technology, products, equipment and/or services can fulfill market needs better, faster and/or at lower price. Creating the business that can fulfill these needs and shaping a coherent, competent and supporting organization isn’t always straight forward. This presentation will discuss challenges, approaches, methods and lessons learned in setting up and shaping such an initiative into running business operations.

As managing director for DoMicro, Marcel Grooten drives the industrialization of new production technology for flexible hybrid electronics. After graduation he started his career within Philips Electronics, acquiring skills in equipment engineering, project management, human resources and operations. Hereafter he has been engaged in several start-up companies. His leadership and entrepreneurship are based on many years of profound knowledge, international experience and network in technical consultancy and operational executive management.

Managing director, DoMicro