Maja Rudinac

Empowering seniors with AI and robotics technology

12:00 – 12:30

There are more than 700 million seniors in the world, that experienced severe challenges during pandemics. With social isolation it was risky for caregivers to visit, family visits were stopped and seniors were left eventually unattended and lonely. With technology, such problems can be solved, allowing seniors to live an engaged and independent life. But what does it take to bring such technology to the market? My journey leads from R&D care robots to high tech rollators that help seniors with mobility issues to walk again, all up to AI homes that serve as a caregiver. You will hear how Caspar.AI Homes helped seniors across USA to stay healthy and safe during pandemics. As well as what does it take to build a successful international business in senior space.

Dr. Maja Rudinac is the Vice President of Business Development for Silicon Valley-based scaleup Caspar.AI, bringing to market AI homes for safe senior living. Maja’s has more than 15 years of experience in designing and bringing to the market robotics and AI-enabled products for elderly people and end-consumers. Previously, Dr. Rudinac was Co-Founder and CEO of Robot Care Systems, which developed autonomous healthcare systems for people with motion and cognitive restrictions. The company received the prestigious Red Dot design award, Shell and Accenture Innovation awards, as well as Herman Wijffels Innovation Award for the best healthcare invention. In 2019, Maja received Prince Friso Engineering Prize for creating an intelligent assistant robot walker that helps people with walking and balance disabilities due to aging and Parkinson disease to walk again. Dr. Rudinac received her Doctor of Philosophy in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the Delft University of Technology. At Delft Robotics Institute, she led the Interactive Robotics Group.

VP Of Business Development, Caspar.AI
Former CEO & Founder Robot Care Systems for seniors