Gerard Rauwerda

Your 5 rules to success

15:30 – 16:00

In startup territory there is a thin line between failure and success. Gerard Rauwerda sees the challenges daily, in his work for technology integrator Technolution. Earlier he experienced them himself as well, as co-founder and CTO of the former space tech startup Recore Systems.

Discussing a number of cases, from science in space to innovations in fast electron microscopy, Rauwerda will take you through the stages of a technical innovation project. How to make the right decisions in every stage? How to balance between features and development speed, between quality and costs, between in- and out-sourcing? Ultimately it comes down to 5 essential rules, he claims.

Gerard Rauwerda is business developer at the leading technology integrator Technolution Advance. He has a focus on (big) science and technology, including space technology, FPGA and semiconductor IP. Rauwerda co-founded Recore Systems in 2005 and was CTO until 2018. The fabless semiconductor company developed advanced digital signal processing platforms and licensed DSP semiconductor IP. Recore’s technology enabled ultra energy-efficient digital signal processing in streaming data analytics and fault-tolerant space applications.

Rauwerda has a background in electrical engineering and embedded systems with over 18 years’ experience in multi-core digital signal processing architectures. He has a broad and detailed technical understanding and he understands the pitfalls to successfully bring technology to market.

Business developer, Technolution